Cotton Clara 'Rainbow' Wooden Banner Embroidery Kit

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This colourful hand embroidery kit makes a fun, handmade project that lifts spirits and teaches you how to back stitch. The rainbow craft kit comes in two colour ways and makes a really special gift for someone who loves craft and making things.

The kit is a great beginner embroidery project and will brighten up any room once you have hung it with the string provided. These colourful rainbows make great additions to nursery rooms and so are a unique gift for expectant mums or new parents.

Each kit contains a needle, embroidery threads in 5 different colours, a 9.5cm x 11cm board, instructions and hanging cord.

The kit is packaged in a bright yellow envelope with a sticker designed to tell show you exactly what’s in the kit. This would make a lovely addition to a package of crafty bits you might compile for a friend?

The rainbow kit is designed to be simple, fun and satisfying to do, but also and importantly to look really good hanging up in your house when you’ve finished. I’ve lost track of the amount of ‘crafts’ my boys have made that have been swiftly recycled!

The board is made from laser cut plywood in our UK studio. We take pride in hand packing each kit And making sure it’s the best it can be. You get everything you need in the kit, including a blunt metal needle, soft cotton thread, string to hang your board of course and full instructions with helpful diagrams.

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